Some Well Known Men’s Resource Center in U.S

feature-1There are different Well known Resource Centers in U.S that are Public or Government Owned or those that are being run by Private companies, let us check some of those that have been familiar to Us. (more…)

Different Programs of a Men’s Resource Center

feature-3The Men’s Resource Center was established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1979 to give counseling services for men experiencing transitions. Gerald B. Evans is the founder, he was the first person in the Philadelphia area to build up a program dealing with the issues of a men’s face. Since the founding, the Center and Evans have helped a huge number of men develop successful, satisfying relationship. One arena, he found, is the equity system and in 1996, the Center started working with violent parties both all through the jail. He took a program created for industry and adapted it for inmates with the objective of decreasing recidivism. In the process, a life skills training program for men in jail was produced, and support services for men on parole were started. (more…)

What is a Men’s Resource Center

feature-2A Men’s Resource Center can be a public or private center that provide counseling similar to life coaching that aims to develop the psychological aspects of an individual. (more…)