The Three Best Asus Monitors You Can Buy


Asus has been making monitors for decades and are one of the most trusted hardware brands out there. With 4K monitors entering the fray competing to be the newest technological need for anyone that uses their computer regularly, finding the right new monitor can be difficult due to so many new options claiming to be the next best thing. If you’re looking for a high quality monitor at a relatively low price, Asus is the company to go with.

Asus PB287Q

Sporting a 28 inch, 3840 x 2160 (4K) panel, DisplayPort 1.2 inputs, 60 Hz (indicating 60 frames per second) at maximum resolution, and a backlight that won’t annoyingly flicker on you, the PB287Q is a great choice if you’re looking for one of Asus’s less expensive 4K models. The 28 inch 4K panel will dwarf the common 21 inch 1920 x 1080 (1080p) monitor. The DisplayPort 1.2 inputs are considered the best connections possible for current 4K monitors, and 60 flickerless frames per second will be more than satisfactory for any show you watch or game you play. On top of all these specifications, the monitor boasts an input lag of 10.6 milliseconds, which is extremely fast. The Asus PB287Q is a great choice for Gamers who want a buy 4K monitor as new titles are released in the format, or just for someone who wants the highest resolution they can get out of their monitor but doesn’t want to sacrifice quality for affordability.


Asus PA279Q

If you think 4K resolution is excessive, the 27 inch, 2560 x 1440 (1440p) Asus PA279Q might be the choice for you. Sporting 60 Hz, DisplayPort input, HDMI input and Dual Link DVI input, along with six USB 3.0 ports, the PA279Q is extremely versatile and will work with any computer you own. A key feature of the PA279Q is its amazing calibration for reproducing incoming color. Essentially, this means that 99% of colors that exist on the Adobe and Microsoft red green blue (RGB) gamut used for many flash and streaming services (think browser games and Netflix), will be reproduced exactly as intended on this monitor. On top of this, the PA279Q has display technology that allows you to view it from nearly any angle without any color shift, meaning if you watch a movie on this monitor from an angle rather than faced directly in front of it you won’t deal with any of the colors blending with one another but instead maintaining their clarity. If you want a monitor with great color output but don’t feel the need to break into the 4K market yet, the Asus PA279Q is the monitor for you.


Asus PQ321Q

If you’re looking for Asus’s top of the line monitor with no expenses spared, the PQ321Q is the monitor for you. Boasting a huge 31.5 inch display with an ultra high definition 4K resolution and an anti-glare LED backlight display, the PG321Q combines energy efficiency with extremely crisp and precise imaging and one of the widest viewing angles out there. Not only is it very compatible, sporting a DisplayPort and dual HDMI ports, the PQ321Q is one of the thinnest 4K monitors available and is wall mountable with tilt, swivel, and height adjustment. With over 8 million pixels and 10 bit RGB panels, the PQ321 offers more clarity and transition between colors on each individual pixel than any other Asus monitor. There isn’t much more to say for the PQ321Q but to reiterate that if you want one of the most amazing monitors you can get and price isn’t an issue, the Asus PQ321Q is the one for you.

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Different Programs of a Men’s Resource Center

feature-3The Men’s Resource Center was established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1979 to give counseling services for men experiencing transitions. Gerald B. Evans is the founder, he was the first person in the Philadelphia area to build up a program dealing with the issues of a men’s face. Since the founding, the Center and Evans have helped a huge number of men develop successful, satisfying relationship. One arena, he found, is the equity system and in 1996, the Center started working with violent parties both all through the jail. He took a program created for industry and adapted it for inmates with the objective of decreasing recidivism. In the process, a life skills training program for men in jail was produced, and support services for men on parole were started.

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