The mission of the Men's Resource Center for Change is to support men, challenge men's violence, and develop men's leadership in ending oppression in our lives, our families, and our communities.

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Men's Gatherings

Men's Centers

Anti-Violence Programs
  Lists of Anti-Violence Resources

Fathers Facing Divorce
and Custody Concerns

The Draft, the Military, and Conscientious Objection

Resources for and about Survivors of Abuse and Trauma

General Resources

Building Sustainable Masculinity
Workshops, coaching, conferencing around nonviolent masculinity

Menstuff is a national men's resource with large archives on many different men's issues.

Men's Resources International
Educational and consulting organization supporting the development of new and existing men's programs.

XY Magazine Online
XY, based in Australia, is a website focused on men, masculinities and gender politics.

Dads and Daughters
Dads and Daughters is the national education and advocacy nonprofit for fathers and daughters. DADs provides tools to strengthen father-daughter relationships and transform pervasive cultural messages that value daughters more for how they look than who they are.

The ManKind Project
The Mankind project assists men in "reclaiming the sacred masculine for our time through initiation, training, and action in the world." The ManKind Project organizes New Warrior Trainings around the world.

Men at Work: Building Whole Men
Building Whole Men's mission is to help create and sustain safe male communities. In the community, inside and outside the workplace, their trained facilitators provide learning opportunities to enhance the happiness, wholeness, and productivity of men.

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Men's Gatherings

Following is a list of men's gatherings throughout New England. They are generally participant-organized and participant-led.

Connecticut Men's Gathering (COMEGA)

Granite Men's Gathering (New Hampshire)

Mainely Men

Massachusetts Men's Gathering (MMG)

Rhode Island Men's Gathering

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Men's Centers

Web Editor's Note: All of the men's centers listed below are independent and may differ in philosophy, approach, and programming from the Men's Resource Center for Change. The MRCs of Northern New Mexico, Central Texas, and South Texas, and the Monadnock MRC all have received training and/or consultation from us. We encourage you to visit the websites listed, learn what they do and how they think about men's issues, and make your own decision about whether they can meet your own needs.

The Austin Men's Center (Austin, Texas)

Lake Champlain Men's Resource Center (Burlington, VT area) or email

The Men's Center (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Men's Resource Center of Northern New Mexico (Taos, New Mexico)

Men's Resource Center of Central Texas (Fredericksburg, Texas)

Men's Resource Center of South Texas (Harlingen, Texas)

Men's Resource Center of West Michigan (Grand Rapids and Holland, Michigan)

Monadnock Men's Resource Center (Keene, New Hampshire)

The Raleigh Men's Center (Raleigh, North Carolina)

The Redwood Men's Center (Santa Rosa, California)

Saskatoon Men's Resource Centre (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

The West Coast Men's Center (Los Angeles, California)

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Individual Anti-Violence Programs

National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS)
NOMAS promotes the cause of gender equality and social justice for everyone through its principles of pro-feminism, gay-affirmation, anti-racism and enhancing men's lives.

NOMAS Boston Chapter

Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project
Provides community education and direct services to gay, bisexual, and transgendered male victims and survivors of domestic violence.

The Institute on Domestic Violence in the African-American Community
Providing leadership to end/reduce violence in the African-American Community.

Mainely Men Against Violence and Sexism

Men Against Sexual Assault

Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR)

Men Stopping Violence

Men United Against Sexual Assault (MUASA)
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Contact: Sam Marcum (

Men Stopping Rape
Penn State

Moving Forward Domestic Violence Program
Moving Forward (formerly Men Overcoming Violence, or MOVE), a program of the Men's Resource Center for Change, includes domestic violence groups and anger management classes. For domestic violence groups see
For anger management classes see

The National Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence
Works to promote understanding, sustain dialogue, and generate solutions to move toward the elimination of domestic violence affecting Latino communities.

The National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute
Brings together an integrated team of nationally recognized leaders in the field of Latino health, education, social services, and community mobilization to address an important area: Latino fathers and families.

Sacred Circle National Resource Center to Stop Violence Against Native Women
Offers culturally specific materials addressing family violence in tribal communities.

An LGBTQQ anti-violence agency in Burlington, Vermont serving survivors of physical, sexual and hate violence.

Student Advocates Against Sexual Violence (SAASV)
College of St. Benedict and St. John's University

Student Advocates For Education about Rape (SAFER)

Students Empowering Women Against Violence (SEWAV)
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Tulane University Men Against Rape (TMAR)

The White Ribbon Campaign

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Lists of Anti-Violence Programs

Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women
Initially founded to serve male victims, this New Hampshire-based organization offers assistance to all victims of domestic violence. The hotline number is (888) 743-5754.

Family Violence Treatment and Education Association
ounded by a group of Batterer Intervention Providers in the San Francisco Bay Area, FAVTEA is dedicated to providing clinical services and education within a gender-inclusive conception. Members meet quarterly, sponsor training conferences and publish a newsletter, the FAVTEA Bulletin, twice a year.

The Men Against Violence Webring

Men's Nonviolence Project
The thrust of the site is to provide information for men about violence and nonviolence, show examples of men taking action, focus on prevention and inspire us all to further action. There is also a Discussion section for posting comments, ideas etc. Sponsored by the Texas Council on Family Violence.

MCSR's List of Anti-Violence Programs's%20Antiviolence%20Organizations

National Council Against Domestic Violence

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Organizations Focusing on Prison Rape

Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE)
A web-based organization providing information and resources, in the United States and several other countries, for male, female, gay, lesbian and transgender victims; and has links to gender-inclusive research and nationally-known speakers on family violence.

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For Fathers Facing Divorce and Custody Concerns

American Coalition for Fathers and Children

The Better Divorce Network

Center for Successful Fathering


Divorced Dads

Divorce Headquarters

Divorce Wizards

Fathers and Families

The Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange

Hampshire County (Mass.) Probate and Family Court Divorce Information
This site provides a wide range of information about the divorce process, including definitions of legal terms, downloadable sample divorce and separation agreements, and links to mediation and other services in Hampshire and Franklin County, Massachusetts.

National Center for Fathering

National Fatherhood Initiative

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The Draft, the Military, and Conscientious Objection

American Friends Service Committee
The national office of the AFSC has a Youth and Militarism program with information on the draft and related issues.
Western Massachusetts AFSC has a Military Recruitment Education program and links to many other sites with information for youth concerned about the draft and recruitment.

Center on Conscience and the Law
Administer the Fund for Education and Training for thouse who have not registered for Selective Service. Has information on schools that provide alternative funds for those who do not register.

CCCO/Central Committee of Conscientious Objectors
Q&A about draft registration, getting the military out of schools, etc.

Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft
Helpful information and resources; check their Draft Notices.

G.I. Rights
Helps members of the armed services who are seeking conscientious objector status or facing other issues around opposition to war.

Traprock Peace Center
Trains draft and service counselors; provides resources on conscientious objection, such as interviews with C.O. experts; and organizes workshops.

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Resources for and about Survivors of Abuse and Trauma

The links below open Excel files listing websites that provide resource and referral information for the support of men who have experienced childhood abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, etc) or sexual assault as an adult, as well as for battered men and partners, family members, and friends of male survivors of those experiences. You can open an extensive list with 75 sites or an abbreviated list with 11 of the sites that we feel are most useful. At the tops of the columns you will find the headings for Organization, Phone, and Website, followed by categories of information:

  • Who is served by this site?
  • What kind of information is available on this site?
  • What will I find on this site?

The top row and first column of the spreadsheet are frozen so you will always know what organization and topic are referred to.

Click here to open the full survivors' resource file (75 sites)

Click here to open the abbreviated survivors' resource file (top 11 sites)

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