The mission of the Men's Resource Center for Change is to support men, challenge men's violence, and develop men's leadership in ending oppression in our lives, our families, and our communities.

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MOVE in Maine

Over the weekend of September 28-30, 2001 Russell Bradbury-Carlin (director of MOVE, now called Moving Forward) and Sara Elinoff (former MOVE co-director and partner service coordinator--currently clinical supervisor) sat in an office space over a Radio Shack in Portland, Maine, with 18 men. The MOVE program presented a training on how to provide intervention with batterers, an inaugural event for the Men's Resource Center of Southern Maine. This group of men, who have been involved in various men's groups and men's events in the area, are interested in creating a program similar to the Men Overcoming Violence (MOVE) program. The focus will be on working with voluntary men who have problems with anger and violence.

"The workshop was a complete success. The group was very welcoming and very inquisitive about our work. I am excited that we were a part of their first large event," said Bradbury-Carlin. Elinoff and Bradbury-Carlin presented the theoretical basis for the MOVE program, as well as some of the clinical issues of working with batterers, and offered some practical experiential exercises to bring together the theory and practice. "The way the MRC of Southern Maine is beginning the process of working with violent men is very similar to how the MRC of Western Massachusetts began," said Bradbury-Carlin. "This group of men learned a lot of information and have a clear idea of what their next steps are. I feel confident that they will be successful."

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